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Jose Aldo’s scar

If you were checking out pictures from the itsy bitsy WEC presser of Jose Aldo and Urijah Faber (okay, you probably weren’t, but just play along, okay?), you might have noticed that giant scar on Jose Aldo’s face. What’s that from, you might ask? (Remember: you’re playing along!) Attempted fratricide!!!!!!

WEC: Forgive my forwardness, but the scar on the left side of your face, how did you acquire it?

Aldo: I don’t mind explaining where I got the scar. I was just a baby and my mom wasn’t paying attention for a moment when my sisters rolled me onto the barbecue pit being used for a 1986 World Cup party.

Not quite as crazy as Tina Fey’s face scar story, but in line with the kind of shit that seems to happen in some countries during big sporting events.