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Jose Aldo willing to fight at 155 for money and the belt

The UFC’s featherweight division is too new to have developed a solid number of contenders but still old enough to have used most of those contenders up. I’m sure in a year we’ll have a nice batch of potential Aldo-killers but for now we’re down to the Korean Zombie and uuuuh … a move to lightweight? People were asking about it after UFC 142 and here’s Jose’s coach on the subject:

Why not just go up and let José Aldo fight with lightweights?
No one knows how difficult it was to achieve the hegemony of Jose Aldo. We suffered a lot to achieve this status. It was not from night to day. There was years of preparation. Junior managed to win again big competitors in his class. But Junior will not just drop everything on a silver platter. Far from it. He is the featherweight champion and has the recognition of the direction of the UFC.
But I see this happening.

What is the chance, Dede?
He needs to have a really high offer to change category. Something worthwhile. Besides money, Junior only goes up if it´s directly for the belt. With Frank Edgar or who is the champion. This decision has been taken by us. He will not fight, unless it´s for the belt. If the UFC wants him in the category above, they have to compesate him. And put the lightweight belt on the line. It’s simple. Or he can continue happy among the feathers. With the belt and waiting for challengers.He earned it. So put an end to this story.

Jose Aldo suffer to lose weight to fight among the feathers?
He has a hard time. But like many other fighters. That´s MMA. His suffering is nothing out of this world. His agility, explosiveness and strength are never harmed.

Yeah, the UFC needs one guy holding two belts right now like they need a hole in the head. And as cool as it’d be to see Aldo pull a BJ and raid other weightclasses, how about we let the relatively new 145 division establish itself under a potential superstar instead? Let’s pile all that ‘moving up’ pressure on top of Georges St Pierre so we still have a ghost of a chance of seeing him fight Anderson Silva at 185. Too bad the last we heard, GSP was thinking about the lightweight belt too…

  • CAP says:

    Lightweight already has a logjam of contenders. Not needed.

  • glassjawsh says:

    first the zombie, then hatsu hioki then dustin poirier THEN lightweight

  • agentsmith says:

    ^ Except Poirier is nowhere near a titleshot, cause they haven’t moved him up the ranks.  He pulled off a big upset over Grispi in his first UFC fight, then they gave him some noob, then Pablo Garza, and now at UFC 143 he’s fighting another 4-0 noob.

    Meanwhile, the Korean Zombie got KTFO’d by George Fucking Roop only 2 fights ago, but apparently a flash KO over Hominick is enough to give him a shot.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    This is so fucking stupid.  Leave him at Featherweight,  Why do people immediately start clamoring for this stupid class jumping?

  • Jarman says:

    b/c it’s demonstrative of P4P world beating GOATS in the eyes of some. People get wet for champ vs champ…..they just get so damned excited they ignore the base requirement of both champs needing to fully clean their division completely. More spectacle-craving fools with keyboards wanting to see the type of domination they see in boxing…..when if boxing could show us anything about this type of situation, it’s that it should be avoided at all costs until it’s truly the last resort for a big, meaningful fight.

  • Letibleu says:

    but there is nobody worthwhile to replace him. 145 is where edgar will end up reining once he loses at 155. 145 is gonna keep being the graveyard of the 155 division for another year or so and then shot will start to look nice as new blood starts to make names and shit settles down. There will be an edgar vs aldo eventually, just doubt they both will hold a belt when it does.

  • iamphoenix says:

    Who the f is junior and wazzup with these categories? Why does he want a feather?