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Jose Aldo had an infection

While it’s obvious that the Aldo camp was trying to keep it a secret, the cat is out of the bag: he was indeed recovering from an infection the night of his fight with Mark Hominick. His manager Ed Soares reluctantly admitted as much during an interview a few days ago, and now one of his coaches at Nova Uniao is sharing some details:

“He suffered a cut on his toe [on April 23] and it got infected with bacteria,” said Pederneiras. “He went through heavy medical treatment with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory pills from Sunday to Tuesday. He took the heavy dosage so that he wouldn’t have to take more drugs closer to the fight.”

“I can’t say whether [the fact Aldo took antibiotics] affected his performance. I’m not a doctor,” said Pederneiras. “I prefer to give credit to Hominick’s effort for taking the fight that deep, rather than saying if the medicine affected him or not.”

In a sport where it’s normal to bring up your cracked skull seconds after losing a clear cut decision, it’s nice to have classy athletes who’d rather keep their injuries, setbacks, and excuses to themselves. In the wake of the closer-than-everyone-expected Jose Aldo / Mark Hominick fight, Jose could have gotten a lot of slack if he’d busted out the infection excuse. Instead, he would have gotten away with hiding it if it wasn’t for you meddling kids and your damn Portuguese!

As for whether it really affected Aldo, one has to assume his ‘I should have taken the antibiotics’ comment after the fight points to yes, while everything he and his camp will say about it from now on will point to him being a classy son of a bitch. I wonder if the toe infection was staph or something that wrecks you just as bad? I guess we’ll never know because Jose Aldo is awesome even at getting infections.

  • G Funk says:

    Even if it wasn’t staph it weakens you. I had a couple minor infections that needed anti-biotics and I remember having slight fevers and feeling like total chit mein. Trying to work out during this showed a lack of strength and cardio.

  • AZ Bored says:

    It was in infection, He was sick, He should have had the toe amputated, He had a virus, He ate some bad Poutine, Marks Hematoma blocked Jose’s vision, He didnt want to push as hard for fear of bursting Mark’s Tennis Ball on his forehead, He forgot to train, He had a difficult weight cut, He almost fainted at the Super 7 meeting, He cut himself shaving, and He had the runs. Oh but his camp wishes to say Props to Mark he did a great job.

  • frickshun says:


  • Blackula Jonez says:

    AZ Bored is not an Aldo fan I assume, during the chat he seemed to get enraged by Jose’s disrespectful and flamboyant head movement and superior striking.