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Jose Aldo ain’t gonna headline UFC 133

With Jon Jones vs Rashad Evans scratched from UFC 133 a few days before UFC 129, it was understandable that the UFC would be looking to fill the headlining gap on the card. That led to Dana White saying something at the post-event press conference in Toronto about Jose Aldo perhaps defending his belt at 133. That in turn created some expectations, which are now being dashed: Jose is taking some extra time off to rehab an injury.

“I had a problem with my cervical vertebrae in December that was making my arm numb,” Aldo told Tuesday. “I contacted a doctor and he diagnosed it a nerve entrapment, and recommended for me not to fight and to do physical therapy. I did that and got much better. I had this during the camp for the [Mark] Hominick fight, but with less intensity.”

The morning after his first title defense — a five-round struggle which resulted in a unanimous decision over Hominick on April 30 — Aldo notified his trainer, Nova Uniao head Andre Pederneiras, of numbness in his arm.

“He said when I arrived in Brazil I would need to see the doctor again. When I was scheduling it, already in Brazil, my manager, Ed Soares, said I was going to Los Angeles and they diagnosed that entrapment again,” explained Aldo. “The doctor recommended I go through physical therapy for six weeks before training again, and that’s what I’m doing now. That’s why I won’t fight in August.”

Even without the injury, UFC 133 seemed like a bit of a pipe dream from the beginning. April 30th to August 6th is just barely three months apart, a pretty quick turnaround for any fighter. Sure the UFC wanted something to fit in the top slot, but Aldo had just gotten through an infection and a five round battle. The little champs aren’t just pawns to fill holes in cards – they’re people too, goddamnit!

  • G Funk says:

    I was wondering how the nerve thing was going. When Rogan had Bas on his podcast, Rutten talked about rehabing the same type of injury and went on about how the nerve takes extremely long to repair and it’s a serious issue.

  • frickshun says:

    I had some nerve impingement action going on in my shoulder. Made my fucking infraspinatus atrophy & go bye bye. I have a wonderful crater on the right side of my back/shoulder area.

    I hope PT is all he needs to get back on track b/c cutting you open is never a good option.

  • kvelertak says:

    Dood should be getting surgery right fucking now.

    Good surgery.

    Not this physical therapy shit.