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Jorge Gurgel moves to Strikeforce

(Jorge and the UFC might be done, but the bromance continues with Rich)

It’s funny … we’ve been asking for a while now what the hell Jorge Gurgel is still doing in the UFC, but now that he’s been released we find ourselves missing him already. He was like the little yappy dog of the UFC, always ready to scrap on his feet when all common sense said “For fuck’s sake, Jorge … take him down! You’re a BJJ master!”

The good news here is that Jorge is going directly to Strikeforce – according to most reports it was a one two punch: You’re fired, you’re hired. I’m kinda interested in knowing if the UFC and Strikeforce were in cahoots over that. Dana White takes care of the dudes he likes, and while it was obvious to everyone that Gurgel couldn’t hack it in the UFC, there’s nothing to say White didn’t put in a good word with Scott Coker. The relationship between the two promotions only seems to be getting more and more cozy as time goes by.

It will be interesting to see how Jorge does in Strikeforce. Truth be told, the competition up at the top of their lightweight division isn’t much easier than that of the UFC. Ludwig, Melendez, Thomson, and Edwards are all equal or better than the guys Gurgel lost to in the UFC.

But who knows, maybe Jorge will start trying to use his jits to win fights? Haha, okay. I know we’re a ‘funny’ site but talk like that is just silly.