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Jordan’s pony book doesn’t suck balls

When we heard that socialite do-nothing Jordan was writing a book on ponies, we were ready for the worst. After all, what the hell was Jordan going to tell US about riding ponies that we didn’t already know? Some tips on avoiding breast-ache perhaps? Surely that was all she was qualified to wax poetic about. But it turns out that we might have been a bit quick to judge her, as her book has been getting a lot of decent reviews lately:

 This is not a literary book in any way. But it isn’t terrible. As a factual book, it is crisp, girly, practical and full of good advice about owning ponies: how to take care of them, different riding styles, jumping and much more. Indeed, it is so nuts and bolts it doesn’t matter so much that she didn’t write it all. There are few stylistic flourishes.

I have no problem with Jordan getting in on the pony scene so long as she’s not spitting out useless drivel or bad advice to girls on how to care for their favorite pets. Shit like that would be downright irresponsible. But Jordan seems to know her stuff and shares her knowledge in a way that Ponylinker finds A-OK. Good on you, Jordan!