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JonesAir is open for business

The Garv has a pretty cool interview with Jon Jones, who had his coming out party last weekend when he tossed Stephan Bonnar all over the octagon like a bitch for three rounds. The throws were so good that very few people even know what his face look like because the only pictures going up are of him suplexing people. Here’s Jones on those epic throws: Then every time he clinched, he went for a ride.

Jones: Oh yeah. But that didn’t stop him from clinching. Were you surprised that even after you tossed him a few times, he still tried to clinch up with you?

Jones: I think that’s going to be a problem for a lot of fighters. It comes really natural for people to clinch up, especially when strikes are being thrown, and big hits are landed. Once you do something so much, it’s going to be hard for fighters to break out of that bad habit of clinching right away. The clinch is huge in mixed martial arts. And right now I have a major advantage over tons of fighters because I’ve been clinching my whole life. And there’s definite rules and definite no-nos when you’re clinching with someone when it comes to Greco. And [opponents] so far have done everything wrong from the clinch, besides striking. So when they clinch up, you go into Greco-Roman mode and toss them.

Jones: Exactly. And it’s not even that I go into Greco mode. Because it’s not even thought about or set up. It’s just like, I know at least 20 different ways of throwing people. And half of them were on display last Saturday night.

Jones: (Laughs) Yeah, Bonnar was doing all the Greco-Roman no-nos.