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Jon Koppenhaver talks about fighting and dying

Jon Koppenhaver continues his “I’m not an asshole” tour, which is I assume an attempt to salvage his career from the toilet he’s dumped it into. Unfortunately, it’s kinda hard for War Machine to come across as a decent human being because … well, he’s not. Here he is with Steve Cofield going over all his past violent outbursts trying to put them into perspective. The perspective of a psycho douchebag, but perspective none the less.

There’s a second post and video from Cofield where Koppenhaver talks about suicide in MMA which is also an interesting listen, just because you get the feeling that there are a lot of other fighters out there who probably feel the same way. Hey, they get the shit kicked out of them for a living. Were you expecting them all to be well adjusted men without emotional issues? Chris Leben said it best: “Fighters are like strippers, they ain’t paying their way through college. You know we all got a bunch of problems and skeletons in the closet.”