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Jon Jones: the OTHER kind of youtube sensation

If you were wondering where Jon Jones learned all those crazy kicks, punches, and spinning elbows he was using on Stephan Bonnar last week, here’s the answer:

“The gym I train at is a really small gym, a lot of wrestlers, so I didn’t have a striking coach until this last fight,” Jones said. “I had to teach myself how to strike. I would study a lot of videos on YouTube, or go to different websites where I could watch old Pride fights. I just became obsessed with MMA and watched videos over and over again. I learned the moves and took them to practice and started using them. Before I knew it I was considered a pretty good striker.

“YouTube videos can really teach you a lot. It depends how you search for them. If you look really hard, you can find videos of seminars from some of the best fighters in the world. It’s just a matter of taking them seriously.”

Evan Tanner did something similar where he learned off of instructional videos, but this just takes that to the next level. Here I was thinking the only thing you can do on Youtube is lose IQ points. And now we’ve got Jon Jones fighting in the UFC with Youtube as his striking coach. How crazy is that?