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Jon Jones: Stay Classy, Dan Henderson!

Jon Jones’s last two opponents haven’t been too rough on him in the cage, but that doesn’t mean things didn’t get ugly leading up to the fights. There was that whole spying crap during the Rampage fight and I don’t have to remind anyone about the epic whine-fest we endured leading up to the Rashad Evans bout. If Jon Jones has it his way, this fight with Dan Henderson is going to be different:

“As far as Dan Henderson, I’m excited about him,” Jones said during a recent appearance on ESPN’s MMA Live. “He’s a great fighter. You know, I’ve gone through a lot with Rashad as far as all of the trash talking and I really hope Dan’s listening and I really hope that Dan keeps it classy throughout this fight. You know, I respect him as an older man, I respect him as a warrior and I just hope he keeps it classy and not drag me through another trash-talking bout. Let’s stick to why we’re really here: let’s just fight.”

Hendo tends to keep it classy even facing off against a c*nts like Michael Bisping, but drama sells PPVs and Dan isn’t exactly at a point in his career where he’s got endless big money fights in his future. So if he wants to turn the above comment into an insult that requires satisfaction, may I point out that Jones called him an old man? YOU GONNA LET THAT WHIPPERSNAPPER CALL YOU A DAGGUN ANCIENT COOT? H-BOMB THAT KID OFF YOUR LAWN, GRANDPA!

And if that clear as day insult doesn’t get Henderson motivated, how about this: several bookmakers have opened their odds around Jones (-650) vs Henderson (+450). That’s snowball’s chance in hell territory. YOU GONNA TAKE THAT, HENDO?