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Jon Jones forced to install breathalyzers on his many, many vehicles

Jon Jones’ first fall from his high horse ends, not with a bang but with a whimper:

Jones, 25, was sentenced before Binghamton City Court Judge Daniel L. Seiden on a charge stemming from drunk driving. He is prohibited from driving in New York for the next six months and must pay a $1,000 fine as a result of a drunk driving accident in May.

Jones was fined $1,000 and will have to install ignition interlocks on all of his vehicles following his sentencing Tuesday morning on DWI charges. He entered a guilty plea at his arraignment on May 29.

The Union-Endicott High School graduate crashed his 2012 Bentley into a NYSEG utility pole on May 19 at Grand Boulevard and Helen Street on the city’s West Side that resulted in minor injuries for two passengers. Jones was ordered to pay $6,563.62 in restitution to the utility company.

Jesus, that’s some serious restitution for ramming a car into yer standard wood telephone pole. At first I was all pissed about him getting off with a $1000 fine and a six months driving suspension but fortunately the New York Telephone Pole Union got him good. “Yeah, that’s $12 for the 2x4s and $6551.62 for the 20 minutes it took our crew to screw them in.”

  • TheButtsexSocialist says:

    I’ve got to get one of those for my car.

    But mine will be half slot machine.

    If I’m drunk enough when I blow in it,
    20 dollars worth of tokens will fall out of my dashboard.

    Redeemable at the next bar.