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Jon Jones and the art of playing dumb

Jon Jones and Dana White were supposed to squash their feud this week regarding the cancellation of UFC 151. They both said they couldn’t wait to sit down and hammer this thing out. That’s great. There aren’t a lot of problems two men cannot hammer out with a good sit down; aside from sticking your pecker into a guy’s wife or trying to hijack food off another man’s plate – both egregious offenses that should be death with harshly. But who’s to blame for the loss of millions of dollars spent, and millions more in projected revenue? Shit, that can be worked out. The only problem is that Jones keeps saying ridiculous things. Granted, the media won’t let up, but Jones is also just very bad at damage control.

The latest tiff in this unfortunate chronicle stemmed from Jones’ comments at the UFC 152 press conference that he wasn’t aware 151 would be canceled if he wasn’t on it. It’s something Dana White is objecting to. In an interview with MMAFighting, White had this to say:

“I’m actually glad that he did say that.  I don’t think he would have said that if I was there. So today we’re going to be face-to-face and we’ll see what he says and he doesn’t say. The fact that he said he didn’t know the show would be canceled is false. I did tell him the show would be canceled.”

This has turned into a he-said-she-said drama at this juncture, and that’s not really the point anyway. The point is that my cat knew 151 would be canceled without Jones on it. The co-main event was Jake Ellenberger vs Jay Hieron. JAY HIERON! After that the biggest name on the main card was a tossup between Dennis Siver and Dennis Hallman. For a fighter, a champion no less, to claim he didn’t know that card, which was a pay per view, would be in serious jeopardy is ludicrous. And for his coach, Greg Jackson, who has been around the sport a long time, to not know it either, is even worse. Whether or not Dana told Jones it would be canceled is irrelevant. It’s a matter of the most basic level of common sense.

Now, I’m not putting it all on Jones’ back here. Personally, I dole out the blame 65% to the UFC for putting forth a suck-ass card, 30% to Jones for declining to fight a smaller guy who wasn’t in a training camp and who had absolutely no chance of beating him, and 5% to Steve Mazzagatti for being the worst referee in the history of the sport and a horrible human being to boot. But we’re never going to move on from this as long as moronic comments are made disguised as ignorance, and there is a huge difference between the two.

Playing dumb isn’t the same as being dumb. Playing dumb is faking ignorance. Being dumb is beyond our control. Jon Jones isn’t dumb. Neither is Greg Jackson. Ignorant is not a bad word, despite its overwhelmingly pejorative usage. It simply means uninformed. If Jones didn’t hear from Dana about the cancelation he was simply ignorant. If he didn’t know the event would be canceled without his presence on it, regardless of whether or not Dana spoke the words to him, he’d just be dumb. And he’s not. If he didn’t know, he should have.

  • Nachtfalter says:

    Jones’ and Dana’s lines of reasoning as well as this article completely miss the point. If he knew the event would be cancelled or not, that was no factor in Jones’ decision, nor should it have been. This is an individual sport, he’s responsible for himself and for his career, not for the well-being of the UFC, Dana White or Charlie Brenneman. The anti-union fuckers at Zuffa can’t play fighters’ interests against each other on one side and then demand some sort of solidarity. Can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

    And just for the sake of argument, the UFC didn’t HAVE to cancel 151. Obviously they couldn’t reasonably have gone with Hieron as a headliner, but they could have pulled some retarded Belfort/Sonnen fight out of their asses. They’ve done it in the past, they just did it with Silva/Bonnar.

    Anyway, my main point is that it’s retarded to expect that Jon Jones gives a rat’s ass about events being cancelled. That’s not his job.

  • Armchair Cage Fighter says:

    I don’t think its an automatic assumption that 151 would be cancelled without Jones. The UFC has never canceled an event before. They’ve held shitty events before. No cancellations + shitty events = 151 stays on.

    Like the other guy said, the responsibility of an entire card should not be put on one guy. He’s not the matchmaker. And he has nothing to gain and everything to lose by accepting that fight. Silva/Bonnar is just as shitty of a match but notice how its not a title fight.

  • SST says:

    What time do the facebook prelims start? Thought it was 3:30pm PST.

    Where’s the chat link!

  • frickshun says:

    ^^The abbreviation for “chat link” is now known as “chink.” As in “Where’s the fucking chink?”