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Jon Fitch’s new nickname

It’s kinda dangerous to not have a nickname, because it means everyone is always trying to stick one on you. Maybe you end up with a cool sounding one like “Atom Bomb” or maybe you end up like Jon Fitch:

Fitch is one of the rare fighters without a nickname. Dave Farra from unearthed a good one, “Ooh-ah”. After he lost to St. Pierre and got beat up pretty badly on the feet, Fitch realized that he needed improvement in that area so he went to Thailand. While he was there the two-a-days were grueling and he vomited all the time. “Ooh-ah” was the noise he made, so the fighters and trainers at the gym in Phuket starting calling him “Ooh-ah”.

To be fair, the name hasn’t stuck yet and I dunno if it will because it doesn’t translate well on paper. But it does amuse me that to a bunch of kickboxers out in Thailand, Jon will forever be known as Ooh-ah.