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Jon Fitch is trying to photobomb the 170 title picture


Poor Jon Fitch. The UFC has about as much interest in him rematching GSP as I have in drinking the stinkjuice out of the bottom of a garbage can. It’s clear to me, it’s clear to you, and it must be clear to Jon too, but he’s not willing to take it without raising his voice at least a little bit. Here’s what he said in the above video:

The next time a title shot is coming around is probably gonna be a while so I’m kinda thinking that I might wanna fight again before the title shot so the winner of Kampmann / Shields I think would be a perfect matchup.

And here he is in a magical world where he makes all the calls:

I say say winner of Sheilds vs. Kampmann fights me for title shot.

Meanwhile, in realityland, Shields and Kampmann would have to lay a serious turd in the cage at UFC 121 to lose #1 contendership. Although I suppose it is nice for Jon to pretend he’s in contention based on his 5 fight winning streak rather than limbo because all 5 fights were cack.

Why doesn’t Jon take the hint and just move up to 185 already? Anderson Silva has shown he has a bit of trouble with blankets and Fitch is like a 1000-threadcount blanket of suffocation. Sure, he’d probably still have to fight a bunch more to get a shot, but at least he’d have someone at the end he might beat instead of the one dude he can’t seem to take down.