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Jon Fitch gets bitchslapped again

The UFC has released the main card bouts for UFC 94 and it looks as though Jon Fitch will be relegated to under card duty in his bout with Akihiro “I blog about my personal woes on a consistent basis” Gono. This is despite Fitch’s eight straight victories in the company and his ability to survive a 25 minute beatdown from Georges St. Pierre. CagePotato addresses the pink elephant in the room and suggests this could be due to that video game nonsense. You know, when Dana broke up with Fitch and then Lorenzo showed up to tell Fitch that Dana gets moody when he doesn’t have his afternoon snack and didn’t really mean it.

While the UFC likely has big plans for the winners of the Bonnar-Jones and Parisyan-Kim fights, Fitch-Gono has more relevance on the welterweight division than either of those two bouts. I also can’t remember the last time a main event fighter was bitchslapped to the undercard in his very next bout. Travis Lutter even got a shot at Franklin after showing up fat to his Anderson Silva execution.

There’s a strong case to be made that this is the UFC further pushing their fighter relations slogan of “Don’t fuck with us.” From the perspective of an employer, if you have an employee who had a very public disagreement with you, you’re not going to be doing that guy favors any time soon. Chances are you’ll make that guy work at 6am on New Year’s Day just to make an example out of him. Either way, I’m still calling bullshit.

It’s also worth pointing out that the past few UFC shows have included most of, if not all, of the undercard fights. With the Fitch-Gono bout obviously being the biggest undercard fight at UFC 94, it is pretty much a lock to make the broadcast. On top of that, the event is still over a month away meaning that if any of the main card guys get injured, Fitch-Gono will be bumped up. If Stephan Bonnar’s knee ruins his shit again and the UFC books Jon Jones v. Kinniku Mantaro for the main card without giving Fitch the bump up, then we know some shit is going down.