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Jon Fitch doesn’t get it

Anyone else notice that the only articles about Jon Fitch nowadays are the ones where he’s bitching about not getting a title shot?

Fitch believes as he matches up with another top five welterweight that a win would secure another shot at the belt, but he knows there are no sure things in MMA.

“I would think so, but I don’t make the decisions,”

Yes, he does: 6 decisions in a row to be specific. And that’s not including the decision reaming he received from GSP the last time he got a shot, which is a different reason unto itself why Fitch still isn’t being considered for another shot.

Maybe if he’d shown something new since the loss, he’d get some love. But if anything, Fitch has only looked more one dimensional since the GSP bout. Even against mid-level opponents like Mike Pierce and Ben Saunders he was unable to do anything but the standard Fitch thing: get on top of his opponent and smother them for the win. That’s all well and good if that’s what you want to do, but don’t act all confused afterward as to why you’re going nowhere fast.