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Black Wednesday

(I bet what happened yesterday hurt more)

It’s a fucking slaughterhouse at the UFC today: amongst those released are Josh Hendricks (and rightfully so), Marcus Aurelio (eh, okay. Whatever), Christian Wellisch (Christian who?) and Jon Fitch. Wait… what???

That’s right, Jon Fitch is gone. Josh Koscheck might be next. And Cain Velasquez too. What do these three fighters (plus whoever that Christian Wellisch guy is) have in common? They come from the same camp, AKA, and have the same manager, DeWayne Zinkin. Apparently Dana White is done working with him, and that means all fighters represented by him are on the chopping block. Here’s the sitch from Kevin Iole:

“We’re looking for guys who want to work with us and not against us, and frankly I’m just so [expletive] sick of this [expletive] it’s not even funny,” White said from Honolulu, where he flew Wednesday from Toronto to hold a news conference to announce the B.J. Penn-Georges St. Pierre fight for UFC 94 on Jan. 31 in Las Vegas.

“Affliction is still out there trying to build its company. Let [Fitch] go work with them. Let him see what he thinks of those [expletives]. [Expletive] him. These guys aren’t partners with us. [Expletive] them. All of them, every last [expletive] one of them.”

Fitch said Wednesday the dispute was over his reluctance to sign a lifetime contract to allow his name and likeness to be used in a video game the UFC is planning with THQ. He said the dispute has nothing to do with money and that he never caused a problem during his time in the UFC.

There’s a whole bunch more interesting shit between the Iole article (which gives you Dana’s side of the story) and MMA Rated’s article (which gives you more details into the video game and merchandising agreement that resulted in this massive fuckover).

And hey, who knows? Maybe if Jon Fitch and Josh Koscheck weren’t involved I would be capable of seeing Dana White’s reasons to a degree. But Fitch and Koscheck were hardcore UFC butt boys. Josh Koscheck just stepped up at UFC 90 and saved Dana’s bacon on that event. AND he decided he was still going to fight again at the UFC For the Troops event in another week. As for Fitch, we all know about how he toiled in obscurity for years in the UFC’s prelims without a peep.

We’re typically pretty jovial guys around here, but it’s days like this that make you ashamed to be part (even in the most miniscule way) of a sport where shit like this can happen. This goes beyond simple business decisions into vindictive, manipulative, and downright despotic behavior. Dana White has always seemed like a pretty smart businessman. Ruthless to the very edge of reason, but rarely past it. We all just saw him go off the fucking deep end, and no amount of video blogs from the UFC will make fans forget the shit that just went down.