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We’re not your typical MMA blog. We swear more than Dana White and Nick Diaz combined, multiplied by Tourettes Syndrome. We make jokes about all sorts of horrifically non-PC topics. We regularly jam our stupid political views down our readers’ throats.

Because of this, we’ve been refused by about 99.9% of the legit advertising networks out there. Sure, we could go with some of the less legit ones, but that would mean pop up ads and the potential for other bullshit like ads with hacks in them. I’d rather chop my left nut off than put that crap on the site, so we’re stuck in a situation where we run a massively popular MMA site that makes very little money.

So after much thought and research we decided that Fightlinker would use a FREEMIUM model for now. That means we continue forward with the same amount of awesome free bloggage and podcasting that we’ve always done, but also offer some extra stuff to people who love us enough to pay $20 a year … that’s under a buck fitty a month, less than those greedy kids in Africa get. What do you get with that 20 bucks?

  • A pretty pony star next to your name all over the site to prove that you support our asses.
  • Extra member-only posts directly on the front page of the blog, including content from our upcoming book The Fightlinker Guide to Human Cockfighting.
  • The Happy Hour: A second podcast every week that only paying members get.
  • Unlimited messaging, posting and pictures. Yep, average members have limits. Sure, no one really knows what those limits are yet but once people descend into the brutal addiction known as ‘orange crack’, they’ll start to realize they can’t post more than 100 times a day.
  • Advance notice and input on stupid shit we’re planning, like new shirt designs and pranks.
  • The warm satisfaction in your groinal area knowing that you’re helping keep us afloat.

The only reason Fightlinker has been able to survive thus far is because of patrons giving to the cause. I’ve never been comfortable straight up begging people for money (especially during the current economic situation), so we try to make it worthwhile for those who pay. If you can’t afford to support our dumb asses, don’t worry about it. But if you like what we do, have a few bucks hanging around, and would like some more content, then go ahead and sign up!

Donation Methods

PayPal is a secure system that allows you to make internet donations with your bank account or credit card. Use your existing PayPal account, or create one for free when you make your donation.


Paying via Check
If you don’t have an account and want to avoid any hassle, we also accept checks. Here is our address for all you old school guys:

FL Media
751 Woodland St.
Montreal, QC
H4H 1V7

Interac Money Transfer by Email
With some Canadian banks you can send money via email! Usually you just have to log into your online banking and look for “Email Transfer” or “Interac Email Transfer” Please transfer donations to: [email protected]

* Be sure to include your Fightlinker display name with your order!

Once you pay, your account will be updated within a few hours and you will be able to access all the new content by clicking on the ‘Jackals Only’ button in the sidebar, top menu, or by clicking here.