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Johny Hendricks is gonna wait for that title shot

Did you enjoy Johny Hendricks’ quick first round knockout of Martin Kampmann? That may be the last action from him you’ll see until he is granted a title shot:

“I think I’ve earned the shot. I’ve fought all the tough guys in the division. The only thing left is to fight GSP. I think I have the tools. I haven’t shown all my tools cause I haven’t had to. But I believe I have all the tools to win that fight.”

This isn’t the first time Hendricks has declared he’s done until he gets a shot. After his win over Josh Koscheck back in May, he explained his position thusly:

“If somebody says, ‘In January, I’ll give you a million dollars. Or, you could fight in four months, and make $35,000,’” Hendricks told ( “Which one would you take?”

At this point it’s hard not to see things Hendricks’ way. Not only has he earned a title shot, he’s shown he has the tools to potentially take the belt away from Georges St Pierre. But there’s just something that rubs me wrong when dudes ride the bench waiting for their shot. Especially interim champions like Renan Barao. What’s the point of setting up an interim champ if that champ isn’t even going to be active?

Fortunately Dana White seems to agree with the fans that this is getting ridiculous:

“We were talking about Barao defending his title now,” White said. “Whether he wants to wait or not, we’re going to go back to him soon probably here and have him defend it.”

His most likely opponent – Michael McDonald. As for Hendricks and his title shot, it all obviously depends on what Georges St Pierre says to that superfight with Anderson Silva. So things are already looking pretty good for Johny. Add in the idea Dana floated that Georges might defend his belt again before fighting Silva, and his title shot might be coming sooner rather than later.