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Joe Stevenson does the weight-class shuffle

Moooom, BJ threw Kool-Aid on me!

Following in the footsteps of other belt-challenged lightweights like Kenny Florian and Tyson “Badonkadonk” Griffin, Joe “Daddy” Stevenson has decided to put himself on a starvation diet and make the leap into the UFC’s budding 145lb featherweight division at “UFC on Versus 4.” He’ll be facing none other than Javier Vasquez, who holds submission wins over Jens “Lil Burned-Out” Pulver and Mackens Semezier and is coming off a loss to Chad Mendes at WEC 52.

I’m not particularly surprised that Stevenson is looking to make a change considering he just got knocked out by a guy who doesn’t eat cheese, enduring his latest setback in a three-fight losing streak. Stevenson also suffers from the terrible disease known as Sherk-itis, a reach disorder that causes the infected person to whiff on hundreds of jabs and hooks during every single one of his fights. Will dropping to 145 cure him of this horrible affliction? 

  • Reverend Clint says:

    should be fun to wath him get subbed.. again

  • Symbul says:

    I think Joe’s done, regardless of weight classes.

  • Mixed Martial Adam says:

    ^^^ Agreed on all counts (even the Sherk-aroo fighting picture).

    Stevenson just isn’t that good… he’s gritty, but his wrestling, boxing, grappling and all around skillset is so 2007.

    If you can avoid Joe’s guillotine you win!

  • CAP says:

    I can see him in Bellator.

    And that picture is the definition of defeat. (the joedaddy one, not the giant rat boxing)

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    Kenny and Chicken Griffen should be fine at featherweight, but I don’t think Joe Daddy will replicate the same success.


    That being said I still want to see how well these guys do at 145 and what other lightweight also rans will do if these guys are successful.

  • unclefesterdanawhite says:

    Honestly I’m not that cut happy of a guy. I think guys in the UFC deserve more job security than they get. But within reason. Considering his place in the UFC payscale relative to his place in the 155 division as a competitor and draw, he is definitely paid well above his market value. Stevenson made 47k/47k in his Spencer Fisher fight back in late ’09. I’d imagine he’s seen been upgraded to 50k/50k + unless he renegotiated a paycut with Zuffa recently. Gay Maynard, by contrast, earned 26k/26k in his last fight with Edgar and Edgar only makes 51k/51k (this doesn’t include the FOTN bonus they got but everyone is eligible for those “of the night” bonuses anyway. It’s also possible that Edgar and Maynard might have got extra discretionary locker room bonuses on top of all that as well as a PPV cut (I doubt it but who knows. Maybe Edgar at least got a bit of a cut). But they are main eventers anyway so they at least deserve it.

    Stevenson isn’t anywhere close to contendership at this point. And if you take into account that 145ers tend to get paid less than 155ers, Stevenson is extremely overpaid right now.

    If he loses to Javier Vazquez, Zuffa should renegotiate a huge paycut (I’d prefer that Zuffa resort to this before cutting guys. I understand the need to bring in fresh blood but you need quality gatekeepers too to test/groom the newbies that are coming in). If he doesn’t take it, he should be cut. I’m a big pinko when it comes to fighter pay and job security and shit. But you need to have parity within the payscale. If you are going to be paying Stevenson 50k/50k +, then a whole fuckload of 145ers and 155ers need a pay raise.

    Honestly if fighters had more job security in the UFC (the unaired prelim level fighters who go 0-2, 0-3, 1-3 against similar low-level competition can’t hang and should be cut to make room for the next batch of newbies to take a kick at the can. But the mid-level gatekeepers are useful and deserve more job security provided that they’d take pay cuts when there is a dip in performance) we’d see a lot more exciting fights instead of this shitty play it safe shit. Yes there are “of the night” bonuses, which encourage exciting fights and going for a great finish. But history has shown that just because you bring it doesn’t mean you are guaranteed job security (being exciting does help your job security to an extent. But there are limits to that). Look at Jorge Gurgel and Marcus Davis. Meanwhile boring fighters that win consistently like Fitch and Okami still have a job. Bonnar is going to be employed by Zuffa until he’s an old man but he’s a special case.

  • glassjawsh says:

    ^ ok, you write way too much for anyone to read


    you should follow each of your comments with a summary of the wordgasm that preceded it

  • frickshun says:

    ^^Thank fucking gawd I don’t work for you. So you’re saying years of employee loyalty aren’t worth shit?? Just because his star doesn’t continue to rise, doesn’t mean he should get a god damned pay cut. Maybe at some point they want to release him & HE offers to work for less. But most of your statements are completely hypocritical. Market value doesn’t always apply to HUMAN FUCKING BEINGS.

    There have been many people I wanted my boss to fire. He looked me dead in my eye & said “He/She really cares about the job.” And I work in a very cutthroat environment eerily familiar to the way Zuffa does business.

  • unclefesterdanawhite says:

    Frick: It would be more humane for the UFC to offer him a new contract at lesser pay than to just flat-out release him and have him take way, way less money at Bellator.

    And his situation is not analogous to an employee who has hit a ceiling because chances are while the 70k per year father of two who hit a ceiling may not be as hungry and ambitious anymore as he was as a entry-level grad student making peanuts, that 70k father of two is probably a lot more skilled than the grads and probably has a job with a lot more responsibility attached to it. It’s just not the same situation.