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Joe Silva’s matchups are sometimes questionable

Attempting some tricky counter-intuitive fighter alchemy, Joe Silva is matching up the fast and exciting Sokoudjou against deliberate and boring Lyoto Machida at UFC79. I’m kinda surprised that the UFC has decided to debut Sok against Machida … the African Assassin was like the Houston Alexander of PRIDE, and it would only take one knockout on an Ultimate Fight Night to put the beefy black judoka over the top with everyone.

Instead, they’ve matched Sok up against a fighter who’s known for stifling his opponent’s offense and earning himself calculated decisions. So it’s really a question of who can force their game plan on the other. If I was Sokoudjou my plan would be to rip the fucker’s knee in half, because he’s apparently really good at that.

  • pauli says:

    gotta figure this is machida’s last chance to not be boring, and they’ve thrown him a hell of a bone to do it with.

    oh, my money is on knockout via whipping dreadlocks.

  • demonianray says:

    I personally like Machida’s fighting style, i dont find it boring. I like his calculated gameplans, im really looking forward to this match. I hope Machida gets the respect he deserves if he beats this guy.

  • kermit_01 says:

    I like Machida too. I think he’s under rated as a fighter. Because the majority of his fights have gone the distance– he has proven he can finish people. I mean he holds TKO wins of Rich Franklin and Stephan Bonner. Not to mention a decesion win over BJ Penn. Theres tons of talent there and he’s still improving.

  • queero mcgayguy says:

    I can’t even comprehend how tentative Machida is going to be when he’s stood across the ring from a guy who knocked a Nogueira out cold with the inside of his wrist

  • Thomas says:

    Worse possible matchup to showcase a new fighter. Machida did look better aganist Nakamura but aganist Soku he’ll revert back to Mr. Counterattack point-fighter. I think Machida takes this. Dana and the UFC on a crusade to make Pride look really bad???

  • schz says:

    or perhaps its very very good matchmaking, the kind that puts too evenly matched evenly hyped fighters together with the intention of clearing up the LHW picture.

    i think its great, in my opinion this is two “underground” stars going at it. i love it.

  • kermit_01 says:

    I think the most impressive thing is how Machida can balance that can of Xyience on his shoulder while hes kicking someone..

  • Xavier says:

    Best way to ensure a overrated Pride fighter doesn’t lose on his debut? Another overrated Pride fighter. See Herring/Nogueira.

  • Thomas says:

    Machida is undefeated, I’m sure he’s not “all hype”. He might be boring (tactical) at times but he got skills.
    With that said his notable wins aren’t that impressive.
    1)Decision win aganist BJ Penn- he outweighs him by 30-50 lbs.
    2)KO over Bonner- Bonner hasent done anything worth a damn in the UFC.
    3)The Franklin KO is not as impressive as it used to be now that hes gotten his nose demolished twice at middleweight.

    So Machida vs Soku will be battle of “the overrated”
    UFC79: Overrated

  • kermit_01 says:

    “3)The Franklin KO is not as impressive as it used to be now that hes gotten his nose demolished twice at middleweight”

    Oh come on, he got demolished twice by Anderson Silva. Not like he dropped the belt to some random dude and then lost to an unknown. A loss to Anderson Silva isn’t something to be ashamed of no when you have a record like Rich.

    I don’t care if Penn gave up 30 pounds, its not like that Machida spent that fight laying on top of Penn to crush the air out of him, a W is a W.. I don’t see an * next to that win anywhere..

    To say wins over Rich Frankin and BJ Penn arn’t impressive you my friend are bat shit insane..

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    machida is smart.

    just cuz hes not a dam loose cannon ball doesnt mean hes not an interesting fighter. you sound like a noob saying this shit.

    why is this a bad matchup? if you want an exciting fight out of a slow, gameplan, pt taking fighter… put him up against someone like soko. DUH! dam fightlinker, you sound awfully dumb on this one.

    machida rules

  • Thomas says:

    “To say wins over Rich Frankin and BJ Penn arn’t impressive you my friend are bat shit insane..”

    I may be bat shit insane but at least my mom loves me.

    fyi I am a Machida fan. I like the technical aspect of fighting. Not two brawlers swinging wildly. I would love him to fight Houston Alexander. Its great that hes undefeated but his notable wins arent that great. I concede on your point regarding Rich Franklin, Anderson is the man but talking up that decision over B.J. Penn is laughable

  • smoogy says:

    This post seems to have more to do with ripping Machida than matchmaking. LOL at Sokoudjou being fast and Lyoto being “deliberate”. Machida is probably the fastest 205lb fighter today.

  • Audacity says:

    This is probably the best matchup possible for these guys. Both fighters are just one solid win away from being solidified as the shit. Sokoudjou knocked out Noguiera and Arona; that’s impressive, but doesn’t quite put him in title contention with only four fights to his name. Machida is undefeated and just came off a win against Nakamura. If he can beat Sokoudjou, it’ll put him up there in the LHW division. Both fighters have everything to gain and everything to lose from this fight. The way it should be.

  • CircleWave says:

    (I’m a Machida fan!)

    Honestly.. this fight should be a good test for Machida, to see how he changes his levels of fighting, depending the opponent he faces. His fights against Rich Franklin, Stephan Bonnar, B.J. Penn (more closely looking at Rich and Stephan) are great on paper.. But! They happened a while ago.. and Rich and Stephan have improved greatly.. so we can’t keep holding that on Machida (that he has beat Rich and Stephan..)