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Joe Rogan’s fighting skills

Fighthype has a really interesting interview with jiu jitsu innovator and UFC consultant Eddie Bravo. During UFC events, Eddie sits out in the production van and feeds BJJ info into Joe Rogan’s earpiece. That’s not the only place he teaches Joe, as Rogan is a brown belt under Bravo. Here’s Bravo talking about Joe’s abilities:

PC: I’ve heard a lot about Joe Rogan’s abilities. What is his skill-set like? Can Rogan kick some ass?

EB: Joe Rogan is a bad motherfucker and I’m not just saying that. He’s one of my best students. He is a brown belt and he is just a nightmare in the gym. He’s gotta work on his guard a little bit, but his half game is amazing. He’s so strong; so explosive. You can’t tell from Fear Factor, but he looks like Frank Shamrock or Ken Shamrock. He’s a giant man.

He’s swole and very athletic and very flexible. He did Taekwondo his whole life, Kickboxing and Muay Thai and he hits really hard. All of the trainers that have trained him-like Rob Kaman trained him and he was just amazed how hard Rogan hits. He hits really hard. He hits harder than anybody I’ve ever held mitts for. If he wanted to do MMA, Joe Rogan could go straight to 170 and fuck up a lot of dudes. He can for sure.

Joe Rogan almost ended up fighting Wesley Snipes in the UFC, but Snipes realized that Blade losing to the Fear Factor / NewsRadio guy probably wouldn’t help his reputation. You have to figure though that sooner or later another cocky celebrity might come along and Rogan might step into the cage. Outside of that, I don’t know if I’d be too keen on seeing him fight in the UFC unless he worked his way through some smaller shows first.