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Joe Rogan’s Fight for the Troops rant

If my Fight for the Troops rant wasn’t disjointed and pointless enough for you, check out Joe Rogan’s novel on the subject:

When you stop and think how fucked up it is that they have to put up a website and do a show to get public donations to set up a center to treat people like this while the government is bailing out financial institutions left and right it just boggles the mind. I mean, shouldn’t that be one of the first things we as a society are taking care of?

I mean, if we’re really operating under the premise that these young soldiers are over there protecting us, shouldn’t we be taking the best care of them possible?

Every day in the news we’re talking about the economy, which is certainly a huge fucking problem in this country, but goddamn, isn’t 300,000 fucked up young people just as big, if not a bigger issue?

And it’s an issue doesn’t get nearly the same amount of attention.
It’s really hard to believe how fucked up our priorities are when it comes to how we take care of the wounded soldiers.

This war wasn’t my idea, and it wasn’t yours, and right now I’m not even focusing on whether it’s justified or not, just the fact that someone thought it was the thing to do. That choice was made, and if that choice was made whoever made it should be responsible for the consequences, and a huge part of that is taking care of the wounded.

They’re trying to raise 60 million for this center, meanwhile the war costs 200 million every fucking day of the week. All they would have to do is pretend the war wasn’t going on for one day it would all get paid for, but I guess that’s just too convenient and logical.

The whole thing is pretty interesting and level-headed past a few hyperbolic moments, and Joe does a better job than I do of talking the situation out without getting too preachy. Probably because he doesn’t pretend to have any answers.