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Joe Rogan rips on booers

A few days ago Joe Rogan blasted fans that boo and called the Sacramento crowd the worst he had ever witnessed ‘in UFC history’. While I agree the crowd was pretty shit (not surprising considering a third of them were knuckleheads who got in for free), I disagree with the idea that we’re not allowed to boo. There are tons of times fans are allowed to boo, and most are reasonable enough to only boo when someone deserves it:

Bullshit calls: Clay Guida / Tyson Griffin, this one is for you. Let’s get something straight here too … people weren’t booing Tyson Griffin, they were booing the decision itself.

Terrible matches: Sanchez / Koscheck, Sylvia / Arlovski 3, Arlovski / Werdum, Griffin / Ramirez. What, we’re not allowed to let it be known that a bout sucks balls? The average Joe at these shows is shelling out 50-400 bucks on tickets, and that’s not chump change for most of them. When they see guys who aren’t engaging, I don’t blame em for being pissed off. There’s not a sport in the world where people aren’t booed for bad performances. Well, I guess that shit doesn’t fly in tennis and golf. But you get the point.

Inactivity on the ground: Jake O’Brien, Jake O’Brien, Jake O’Brien, and Jake O’Brien. Honorable mention goes to Sean Sherk for not being able to finish anyone either. Now before we go any further, I’d like to say this: I’m a jiu jitsu guy. I love it, I train it, I’m enthralled with the ground game. But what I’m not enthralled with is the wrestling ground game. It’s fucking terrible and boring and stale.

This may not be an accurate statement, but wrestlers are responsible for 99.999999% of all shitty mixed martial arts matches. And yes, they deserve to be booed. This is mixed martial arts. Not wrestling. There’s a reason only college students and child molesters go to wrestling meets … it’s fucking boring. So while the judges may side with these guys because they’ve got their oppenents in full rape position, it’s not anything I appreciate.