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Joe Riggs is sick of this shit

Last week, Strikeforce shuffled their cards around a little bit, canceling a Jake Shields / Joe Riggs fight in April for a Jake Shields / Robbie Lawler fight in May. Jake Shields made some very reasonable comments about how Riggs simply doesn’t represent the same challenge that Lawler does, and now Joe Riggs is PISSED. Check out the earful he gave Ariel Helwani (who was kind enough to give us the uncensored version of his rant):

“Fuck Jake Shields’ bitch ass,” Riggs said. “I have done enough in this sport to be fucking treated with a certain amount of respect, and to talk about me like I am a fucking Pat Smith or Tank Abbott…For one, I am like six years younger than that punk ass motherfucker. So, fuck him. People forget that I am fucking 25. Fuck that guy. I would really, really fight Jake Shields for free just to shut his mouth up.”

“Fuck him,” a fired up Riggs said. “I will fuck him up. I beat his teammate Nick Diaz’s ass, and I will beat his ass too. I mean, that is a very disrespectful thing to say. I have beaten a lot of tough guys in the world. I have had my fair share of losses, as well; I have had my ups and downs. But look who I have fought; I have fought nothing but top guys.

It’s not so much that Joe Riggs loses to top guys, it’s HOW he loses to them. Seven of his ten losses come in the first round, with many happening before the fight even really starts going. If you want to know how Joe Riggs typically flames out, look no further than his fight with Diego Sanchez.

Regardless, this is but the latest indignity Riggs has had to endure. He wasn’t very happy when Kim Couture and her chain-smoking opponent were slotted above him at Strikeforce: Destruction, and then he also wasn’t happy with the stoppage in his fight against Kazuo Misaki. Oh and there’s the time his back imploded in the ring. And the time he was pulled off a card last second by the CSAC. Damn. And this was all in the last two years.

You know how they say some guys have a horseshoe jammed up their ass? I think Joe Riggs has a black cat or something hiding up in there. Maybe a few broken mirrors as well. That might explain the whole pain killer addiction thing.