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Joe Riggs out of fight against Nick Diaz

I’m pretty sure the Diaz brothers were born with those giant chips on their shoulders, but you can’t ignore the contribution their teacher Cesar Gracie has made to nurture their inner douchebag. Check out what he put on the GracieFighter website when news spread that Joe Riggs had pulled out of his rematch with Nick at the August 15th Strikeforce event:

Joe Riggs has pulled out of his fight with Nick Diaz after suffering a bad reaction to an as of yet undisclosed drug. According to sources close to the fighter, Riggs will be recovering in the hospital for the next couple of weeks and therefore unable to fight Diaz. At this time it is unclear if Riggs’ problem is physical or mental.

Nick Diaz however, will still be fighting on the card and it is expected that Strikeforce will be announcing Diaz’s new opponent in the next couple of days.

While Cesar Gracie likes to throw in a few dick comments with his news, he’s not the kind of guy to post fake news on his site to psych people out as some others have suggested. And he’s been right about a lot of this stuff. Anyways, assume the Diaz / Riggs fight is off unless you hear otherwise, and if this turns out to be more premature news then I think I’ll just only report the shit that’s 2-3 days old to avoid any more problems.

Midsy thinks that with all these fighters dropping out, Strikeforce and Affliction should combine their cards and shift Diaz over to fight Takanori Gomi. It’d be a pretty sweet idea, and I suggest we contact the president of Jellybean Rainbow Land right away and have him set that up.

(image by the always awesome Esther … have you checked out her site lately???)