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Joe Riggs is letting his dick flag fly

I don’t really wanna see a Jake Shields / Joe Riggs fight but if Riggs keeps this level of smacktalk up I might have to upgrade my interest in one from “What a waste of time” to “What an entertaining waste of time”:

“[Expletive] Jake Shields, he’s got a big [expletive] mouth,” Riggs said. “He’s got a big mouth, and he thinks he’s way better than he is.

“I’m not saying he’s not a good fighter. Jake Shields is very good. I’ll give him that. Just for instance, I saw him on that ‘Bully Beatdown’ show. He looked like a [expletive] nerd. He’s just a [expletive] turd.”

Riggs said he was involved in a verbal altercation with Shields at Strikeforce’s April 11 event. For Riggs, Shields performance in the verbal exchange was an indicator of his overall game.

“I was at the Strikeforce when Frank (Shamrock) and Nick (Diaz) fought, and I’m sitting ringside,” Riggs said. “After that, Nick Diaz looks over and he’s talking [expletive]. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So we started going back in forth. Then Jake Shields jumps in. He goes, ‘What’s up? You’ve got ‘Diesel’ on your stomach. What is that?’ I’m like, ‘You’ve got my dick in your mouth, bitch.’

“He doesn’t even know how to talk [expletive]. But the whole weekend before, he would see me like five yards away, and he would turn away and look away. He would see me coming, and he wouldn’t even look at me. The guy, he’s a [expletive] coward. He’s a nerd who’s learned how to grapple. That’s all it is. Hats off to him.”

Sure, this fight is and always will be be a complete squash match for Jake Shields. But if he loses to Lawler and Riggs beats Baroni (both very possible), people might be tricked into thinking Riggs is competitive once more (ya know, the same way we all fell for it with Hatton again).