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Joe Riggs doesn’t have it easy

As a trash site we’re always having a good laugh at the expense of all the fighters in MMA. This site is basically a celebrity gossip rag, but for mixed martial arts. However, unlike celebrities, mixed martial artists usually have things pretty shitty. Every single UFC card is like a laundry list of sad stories. Vitor Belfort? His sister was kidnapped and murdered. Spencer Fisher? Both his parents are dead. Joe Riggs? Fuck man … I’ll just let this article tell it like it is:

Unfortunately, Riggs had to pull out of the March 24 WEC title shot on the day of the event with back pain. He later admitted on a radio program that he had sought treatment for addiction to painkillers. And just last summer, he and his wife had to endure to death of their infant child.

And that article doesn’t even mention his lame tattoos. At least things have gotten a bit better for Riggs. The big rumor going around was that if Riggs lost a fight last weekend up in Canada, he’d be released from his UFC contract. Fortunately for him, he took care of business and got back to winning.