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Joe Lauzon doesn’t want a title shot

Here’s an interesting interview with Joe Lauzon where he basically says he’s not willing to trade training with BJ Penn for a title shot against him:

“I would much rather be part of the team here than go off and fight B.J.,” Lauzon said. “I am looking long term and I don’t think B.J. wants to hang around 155 for very long anyways.”

I’d say it’s definitely a good idea on Joe’s part because there’s no way in hell he’s anywhere near good enough to challenge Penn. Maybe a few years from now, but as he said, by then it might not be an issue any more.

As for how long Penn plans on sticking around at lightweight, you have to hope it’s going to be for at least 2 more fights after the Sherk fight. What’s the point of winning the belt at all if you’re not going to stick around and defend it a few times? Guys like Matt Hughes and Chuck Liddell proved that defending the belt is how you develop a legacy.

  • Fightlinker Jackal says:

    “Pleeeeeeease…. pleaaaaaaaase give me a title shot”

    I guess he never bought the GSP instructionals.

  • Jackie Chiles says:

    BJ gets bored easily and once he thinks there are no more legit challenges to his LW crown I think he’ll start petitioning to move up. My guess is that will be after Sherk and we will see BJ/GSP II sometime in the fall/winter.

  • I really like J-Lau…that pic of him is why they call him “creepy joe”. Just joking. I really like Lauzon and I think he will be the LW champ one day. But I definitely don’t blame him. The training he’s getting from B.J. is priceless. And he has the right attitude to be able to soak up all the knowledge possible from B.J. The cup has to be empty before it can be filled and J-Lau has that right attitude to reap the full benefits of B.J.’s training. I hope B.J. continues at LW for a few defenses after he wins the title. His fight with Sherk I think will be legendary. I don’t see how Sherk can beat him to be honest if B.J. takes it as seriously as he did his last fight. I think the new B.J. will be the B.J. everyone knows he CAN be. It’s an awesome thing to watch Penn at his full potential.

  • MadMan says:

    Lauzon’s definately got the skills to be a champion,
    assuming he don’t get one of those ears ripped off
    first. I bet if you wound them things up and let go,
    he could get airborne!