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Joe Lauzon calls Hermes Franca a lush

The reason the Underground Forums are such a popular place is because they’re stacked with professional fighters who troll harder and flame brighter than your average 4chan discussion. The result? Shit like this between Joe Lauzon and Hermes Franca, who were set to fight each other this weekend until Franca had to pull out with an injury:

Lauzon wished Franca a speedy recovery. Franca’s response was that he was the luckiest motherf’r alive and a yen to fight him because his brother “sucks.” Joe’s brother is Dan, victorious over Bobby Green at “Affliction: Day of Reckoning” in January.

“I don’t think it was a calculated or manipulative move. I think it was just him being an asshole,” Lauzon said. “I think he crossed the line. It was completely unrelated to bring my brother into it. It’s not hyping the fight at this point. The fight is off because he had to back out. I understand people saying things to hype fights. I’m all for it, but bringing my brother into it out of nowhere was completely bush league.”

Franca is 1-1 since returning from a 12-month suspension for a failed drug test. Lauzon suggested he could have been drinking and that Franca, arrested for DUI in November, go back to Alcoholics Anonymous. Franca then took the high road but issued fair warning once he returns to action in a projected six-to-10 months.

“I told Joe, ‘Easy buddy. I’m messing with you,'” Franca said. “I don’t have any enemies. My business is in the cage.

“I don’t like talking trash. I’ve seen B.J. [Penn] talk trash on TV. It all looks bad. I like Joe, I like the kid, and I like his style. But I’m pissed, and I can’t wait to fight him. I’m mad and want to step in the cage and face him – and I want to fight him in Boston, his city. I want to make him feel bad over there.”

I like how this went from “Get better soon” to “You’re a fucking alcoholic” in a matter of posts. The internet didn’t invent “Fuck me? Fuck you!”, but it did perfect it.