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Joe Doerksen has learned how to stir the pot

(yup, that’s what Joe Doerksen looks like)

Canada gets a lot of smack for being the bland upstairs neighbors of the UFC. I’m not going to really dispute that concept … while there are pockets of awesomeness like Montreal and Toronto (although is like a battlefield between the lame and cool), the majority of Canada is full of suck asses who don’t do anything fun. I’m not saying there aren’t cool people in places like Vancouver and Edmonton and Calgary etc … it’s just that those cool people are swimming in a sea of buttoned down lameness.

Anyways, there’s some fighters that just seem to embody the ‘boring’ Canadian persona, and while I like Jason MacDonald and Joe Doerksen, I included them on the list. They just didn’t really have anything all that exciting about their personalities. So a fight between them was about as likely to spark any interest in me as two wet sticks could spark a fire in the rain. But then came Joe Doerksen’s smack talk, which is suddenly giving this match some needed substance. Here’s some of what Doerksen’s been saying:

Obviously he is doing well enough that you can’t really argue whether he belongs in the UFC. He has done very well there.

But I will say for sure that I don’t think he’s as good as he considers himself to be. He’s not as good as he thinks he is. That I’ll say for sure. He thinks he’s the most amazing thing that ever walked into that cage. I don’t. I think he’s average, or less, as far as UFC quality goes.

It’s just the sense of arrogance coming with the MacDonald camp, I just don’t have much use for those people, and honestly, it doesn’t even make a difference because I don’t have to deal with them. I’m just at a point now where all I want to do is fight the guy.

And when it’s over, it’s over. Even if I win, I’m not planning on throwing it in anyone’s face. I still think they’re idiots. But it doesn’t make a difference. I’m going to go to Montreal, I’m going to fight this guy, I’m going to get my money, and I’m going to go home. That’s all.

Obviously, I want to win this fight, but I want to win every fight. I don’t like the guy. Win, lose or draw, I’m still not going to like the guy. But I want one more chance to fight him, and I’m getting it, so I’m happy. If he doesn’t like that, I don’t really care.

Jason MacDonald got his panties in a bunch about that whole statement and tried to take the high road in saying he was “very disappointed in Doerksen’s disrespect”. Of course, it’s kinda hard to fault Joe after Jason basically said “I have no idea why I’m fighting this bum” in the first place.

It’s funny, but I kinda agree with Joe: Jason is pretty full of himself, and not in the good self-confident way. He went into the Rich Franklin fight thinking he had the standup to handle Ace, which was just delusional. Jason’s got a slick ground game but he SUCKS on his feet and spazzes when he’s getting hit. I’m all for confidence, but I kinda get the feeling like he’s so confident that he doesn’t see the holes in his game. I don’t think Doerksen’s going to be the one to expose that fact, but just because you can’t beat the guy doesn’t mean your arguments are any less valid.

  • Mike_N says:

    That’s just it with McDonald: when he fought Franklin, I was hoping that Ace would wipe that fucking smirk off his face, and he sure did.

    Doerksen’s not exactly thrilling either, but I’ve always found him to be one of the more entertaining MMA grinders out there (yeah, he loses, but they’re entertaining losses), so I’m definitely pulling for him Saturday night. War El Dirte!

  • Jemaleddin says:

    A) Newfies rock.

    B) I love Jason’s nickname: The Athlete. It’s so universal. Pretty much anybody in MMA could have that, except Mark Hunt. Maybe he should go more general: Jason “The Competitor” MacDonald. Jason “The Human” MacDonald. Jason “The warm-blooded, bipedal, bilaterally symmetrical life form” MacDonald. Yeah, that would be AWESOME.

  • Atom says:

    Macdonald didn’t think he had better standup that ACE, in one of those blogs of his, he basically said when he stepped into the ring, he already knew he would lose (so thats how the fight played out)

  • garth says:

    i don’t think mr. esch would qualify for that nickname…
    what about other generic nicks…”The Human”…”the Male”….”the Fighter”…”Punchy” (mark kerr?)

    it didn’t matter if mac knew or didn’t know against franklin…he was going to lose. the was outmatched all over the cage. man that was a beating. i just remember him trying to make it to the corner, walking like a newborn giraffe