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Joe Daddy’s $17,000 training camp

It’s not the six figure camp Brock Lesnar is bragging about, but it’s still pretty crazy to know that Joe Stevensen spent his entire life savings preparing for his fight against BJ Penn:

“I trained my heart out and gave my soul to it,” Stevenson, who fights Spencer Fisher on Saturday at the Staples Center on the main card of UFC 104, said of his preparations for the title shot. “I spent my life savings on that because I’m here to win. I’d love another shot (at Penn).

“I did all of that. I spent $17,000 on that camp, paying training partners, renting a place. Everything in my life savings. That’s a lot to me. It’s a lot to anyone. I told my wife, Baby, I need it. I’ve got to do this.’ What would have happened if I lost the fight barely. I’d be, Did I really try my hardest?’ I know I tried my hardest in that fight. I’m confident I put everything into it.”

I’m happy for Joe Stevenson that he seems to be back on the right track. After BJ Penn left him in a quivering puddle of his own blood, I was worried Joe Daddy might be stuck in a tailspin. But between his new camp at Greg Jackson’s and his performance against Nate Diaz, it seems like he may have shattered the glass ceiling he had created for himself and is back on his way up. Which hopefully will give him a chance to pad his savings account again.

(The above video is completely different from the article and has Joe talking with MMA Fanhouse about his willingness to leave the sport when the time is right. Definitely worth a watch.)