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Jiu jitsu wins!

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Sherdog breaks down the winners and losers from UFC 91, and one of the big winners from Saturday night was … jui jitsu!

Believe it or not, there was actually a period recently when MMA fans and experts alike were questioning whether submissions had become obsolete in professional MMA competition. Sure, the best of the best grapplers could still use their submission skills, and the control that wrestling and jiu-jitsu offered still had applicable value. But triangle chokes and armbars? Overrated and useless, it was said. Some plainly insisted submissions could not regularly be applied if any fighter simply trained defensive techniques enough.

Those who asserted such nonsense were not the clairvoyant among us, and UFC 91 was the personification of all counter argument to their absurd views. While every facet of the MMA game is both important and necessary, UFC 91 was a keen reminder that whether one is a jiu-jitsu world champion, black belt or fan of Skoal, submissions can still be effectively applied at the highest levels of modern MMA.

I have to admit, I was also impressed by the level of jiu jitsu shown off on Saturday night. There’s so many times you watch a BJJ black belt get into the cage and spend the whole fight stuck under his opponent, unable to get any submissions off. But then you have guys like Dustin Hazelett, who literally started pulling off subs the second he hit the mat, and Demian Maia, who used what looked like a whizzer off a takedown attempt to drag Nate Quarry to the ground. And Mark Bocek, and even Matt fucking Brown. And let’s not forget Jorge Gurgel! Ha, just kidding. He’s so stupid.

I don’t know what the change is … are fighters simply getting more confident in their abilities so they’re trying more cool shit? Or has all the MMA / BJJ cross-training finally hit a point where everything is really falling into place? Whatever the deal is, we’re seeing more and more guys aggressively applying jiu jitsu instead of waiting for their opponents to make a mistake. And it’s fucking AWESOME.