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Jim Miller wins battle of the gasbags

Jim Miller just toasted Matt Wiman over three rounds in a sloppy gasfest that was none the less pretty damned entertaining. You can’t really get upset over both fighters running out of gas. Miller took the fight on a week’s notice, and Matt Wiman spent the first minute and a half of the fight getting the shit choked out of him. Well, it’s still his fault that he ended up in a tight guillotine, but I give him major props to surviving it at all.

From there the fight was pretty straight forward. Wiman tried to use head movement to avoid Miller’s strikes but couldn’t slip half the punches. Miller had Wiman in trouble at least once a round, with a good portion of round 2 seeing Wiman leaning up against the cage eating a seemingly endless number of blows. I scored that round 10-8, and one of the judges agreed with me there.

Jim Miller was clearly the better fighter but the fight stayed competitive on account of both fighter being on the verge of collapsing due to empty gas tanks. Here’s hoping Wiman doesn’t get too much shit over this … as I mentioned before, he should be given props for surviving the initial guillotine choke he got caught in. Wondering why he was so gassed after that is like wondering why all the troops they’re showing don’t just shake off that pesky TBI shit.

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