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Jesse Taylor done fucked up

(the above picture is courtesy of CombatLifestyle – go there to see more pics from the UFC Fight Night afterparty)

Dana White has a history of taking things his fighters say and making them personal. So even in the best of times, fighters have to watch their mouths and dance around a lot of questions regarding pay, fight politics, and competition. But I guess no one remembered to send Jesse Taylor that memo. He got caught talking shit about Quinton Jackson at the worst time possible: right after it had come out that Jackson had literally lost his goddamn mind. Of course, Taylor didn’t know that at the time. But that hasn’t kept him from falling into hot water with UFC brass:

Those comments filtered back to UFC management and it was clear that they weren’t happy with Taylor as a high ranking official spoke with Yahoo! Sports during The Ultimate Fight Night 14 card at the Palms.

Adding to Taylor’s problem are the rumors swirling that he didn’t exactly clean up his conduct during his 4+ month hiatus.

Taylor clearly felt badly about what he said on Thursday especially considering that he’d just found out that Jackson was hospitalized for mental evaluation. From the tone of the UFC official who spoke with Yahoo! Sports at the event, the apology may not matter. The lesson here may be to make sure you choose your targets carefully. Jackson is tight with UFC higher-ups and is the last guy any fighters on the roster should be cracking on right now.

Personally, I think fighters should be allowed to say whatever they want to without fear of getting fired on account of it. But what I think and what really goes on are two very different things (which is unfortunate, because I think up some pretty tubular shit). You’ll notice that no one else was stupid enough to flap their lips about Quinton Jackson. They all knew the score and kept their mouths shut. But not Jesse Taylor, who should have realized he was under the microscope and followed these two simple rules:

  1. Don’t go within 100 yards of a bar.
  2. Make “I’ve changed, thank you UFC for another chance” his mantra for the weekend.

Instead, that dumbass was telling everyone he doesn’t have a drinking problem, felt that his situation was dealt with unfairly, and that the UFC applied a double standard when dealing with fighters. Sure, a lot of those facts might be true (minus the drinking problem thing – come on dude you PISSED YOURSELF and tried to drown yourself in a hot tub), but that doesn’t mean you should go around saying it.

Poor Jesse Taylor. He really is the Ultimate Failtor.