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Jerry Millen thinks…

…Fedor is M-1 Global’s basketball:

“The closest thing to it, you’ve got a basketball and you’re at a basketball court — and I know this sounds silly, but you go to the basketball court with your basketball,” Millen tells FanHouse. “And there’s a guy there with a pocketful of money and goes ‘Hey man, I’m going to buy your ball and you’re going to sit in the bench and watch me play ball with your ball.’ To me that’s a sell-out.”

Other nuggets of gold (that may not even be correct because Jerry Millen has a long history of being an uninformed retard) from his interview with MMA Fanhouse:

“We’re not asking for anything that’s crazy, we’re willing to take half the risk. We’re willing to take half the profit or half the loss.”

“If the UFC would have sat down, and conducted as a true co-promotion and say “ok we’ll do half M-1 fighters, and half UFC fighters,” all that can be worked out. At the end of the day it’s about the main event card. That’s what they want: Brock vs. Fedor. Everything else can be worked out as long as they’re willing to work with us.”

“We’re not asking for more than what’s fair, we’re just asking for it to be a level playing field. We have the best fighter in the world. The fans want to see it. If the UFC really cares about what the fans want to see then do a one-two-three fight co-promotion.”

Wow. Are they seriously asking for HALF?