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Jerry Millen, ladies and gentlemen

A lot of people talk about MMA hitting a plateau. I don’t see any plateau in sight but one area I thought we had peaked in was promoter stupidity. I mean really … could anyone beat Gary Shaw’s idiot spawn $kala?

Still, Jerry Millen is back. And he’s been doing a good job of reminding everyone why he’s such a creepy delusional dude. People temporarily care about what he thinks due to the Fedor situation, and of course he’s got all sorts of really bright and astute things to add to the discussion. His latest:

“This does not close the door on Fedor fighting Brock Lesnar,” Millen says. “It just means now it would be Strikeforce, M-1 Global and UFC.”

Letting Jerry Millen manage Fedor’s career is like letting a blind dude with epilepsy drive a Bugatti Veyron on the highway. Fortunately, even though he’s technically vice president of M-1 Global, it seems like he doesn’t do much other than eat crayons and spew retarded nothings like the statement above … and beyond.