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Jerry Millen is still alive (unfortunately)

Five Ounces of Pain has an interview up with former PRIDE fuckhead Jerry Millen, aka one of the most hated individuals in MMA, aka a big fucking douche. It’s a very interesting interview to read, but I’d caution our newb readership on taking anything Millen says as truth or even an approximation of the truth. There’s several eyebrow raising moments sprinkled throughout, including this whopper right at the start:

After that I took some time off when the UFC bought PRIDE and I was well taken care of and I probably could have worked for the UFC but I chose not to. I thought I wouldn’t work for Dana White, and I won’t.

While I can see Dana bringing Millen on board just so he could hand over a toilet brush and tell him to get scrubbing, that would be the extent of any relationship between the two. Simply put, Dana White hates Jerry Millen and the fact that Jerry thinks he could have worked for the UFC shows that he’s either a pathological liar or living in a fantasy universe. Which isn’t surprising, since pretty much every old interview he’s featured in is chock full of bullshit, lies, and complete fallacies.

I have no idea how this guy continues to find work in MMA. Jerry Millen is like a bad case of genital warts. You can burn them off with liquid nitrogen but they just keep coming back. Or so I hear…