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Jeremy Stephens claims he’s sitting in jail for no real reason

UFC on FX 5 was an event full of high drama, and I’m not even talking about the fights themselves. First Dennis Hallman suffered what some are describing as a nervous breakdown and was sent home with pay to deal with some terrible, terrible family issues. Then Jeremy Stephens got arrested the morning of the event over an outstanding felony warrant.

Dana White spent the day trying to get Stephens out of jail, but in the end his guaranteed barnburner with Yves Edwards was scrapped. While White was extremely vocal with his support, I decided to wait until I knew what crime the dude had allegedly committed before accidentally comdemning someone who was involved in a morally justified ass kicking. And here’s what Jeremy’s camp is saying:

In 2011, Jeremy was attending a homecoming party in Des Moines, Iowa. A person in attendance became intoxicated and disorderly, and was asked to leave by the owner of the establishment. The intoxicated individual subsequently became involved in a physical altercation with another person at the event. We have learned that, as the featured guest at the party, Jeremy’s name came up during the police investigation of the assault.

Prior to being detained the morning of October 5, 2012, in Minneapolis, Jeremy had never been arrested in connection with the assault, contacted about any possible charge and or notified about any outstanding warrant by mail or any other means. Jeremy has lived at the same residence in San Diego and has maintained the same phone number for the past year or more. Jeremy also uses social media to provide updates on his training, and to thank fans, supporters, sponsors, and the UFC. In short, Jeremy is not a hard guy to find, which can be seen at

“We also encourage lawmakers and fans to follow Jeremy at @Lilheathen and like his facebook page!”

So Camp Stephen’s official position is Jeremy didn’t even know he was a wanted man. Keep in mind they also claim his name just ‘came up’ during the investigation. I’m sure the police will have a very different story. But sometimes police stories are pretty bullshit. Remember the Chad Mendes case where police claimed a drunken Mendes swore at them, suckerpunched a random person (“assault with a deadly weapon”), and then led cops on a footchase down some railroad tracks before escaping into South Hanford? Yeah, that sounded kinda silly too.

Based on that one, I look forward to hearing about how Jeremy Stephens tore this homecoming party to shreds, leaving a Kill Bill style wake of death and dismemberment behind him before disappearing off the grid. Detectives looking for this hardened criminal were left with no leads whatsoever. If he hadn’t resurfaced to compete in one of his brutal no holds barred competitions, who knows how the police would have apprehended him?