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Jeremy Lappen is happy with how things went

Jeremy Lappen – the only guy left steering the ship at EliteXC that knows what he’s doing (sorta … he was also the guy who ran the WFA into the ground) – recently talked to AOL FanHouse and it must have been fucking opposite day because nearly everything he said was a goddamn lie:

Q: My sense on your second CBS show is that the quality of the MMA was better and the quality of the production was better, but there was less interest among casual fans, you didn’t sell many tickets and the ratings were obviously down. What were your thoughts?

A: It was a successful event. We expected the ratings to be down slightly because of the time of year — the middle of summer is hard to do anything from a television perspective — and because the novelty of the first network TV MMA deal was gone. We were happy with the show. The fights were terrific, the audience was great, the arena was electric. Could we have sold more tickets? Absolutely. But we were happy with the event.

If you’re happy with that show, you’re gonna get put out of business with a big goddamn smile on your face. I don’t know why people often try to put a positive spin on shitty news. If Lappen at least admitted that ratings had sucked and the gate blew balls, I’d have more faith in the possibility that things were going to get fixed on those fronts.

Here’s another god-awful answer:

Q: If people didn’t know you were on, that would indicate to me that you didn’t do a good enough job marketing.

A : That’s always the end game: How do you reach the audience? How do you get the word out? From a marketing perspective I think we did a good job but you can always improve on everything.

Huh? What? The reporter is basically saying “You did a shit job of marketing” and you’re replying “I think we did a great job marketing”. HOW? HOW HOW HOW? HOW THE FUCK HOW DID YOU DO A GOOD JOB? There’s a few simple ways to tell. Hint: it involves ratings. Hint: it involves ticket sales. Hint: if you can count the number of press outlets at your press conference with your fingers, you’ve done a shit job.

Jesus, Lappen. I know I’m being a prick. But I expect better from you than I do from some moron board executive.