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Jeremy Lappen contradicts himself

I mentioned before that if there really was something rotten in Denmark regarding the StandGate accusations, it would come out on account of lies falling apart and people contradicting themselves. So far we’ve already got several inconsistencies, but today’s one takes the cake. When head of fight operations Jeremy Lappen spoke to Sports Illustrated, he had this to say about EliteXC’s bonus policy:

EliteXC, it seems, does not view submissions, widely thought of as the most technical aspect of MMA, as an overly important portion of an exciting fight.

“We don’t give submission bonuses,” Lappen said. But Petruzelli “knew a knockout bonus was possible before the fight.”

But now here’s what he just told ESPN:

“We offered Seth Petruzelli a knockout bonus, a submission bonus and ‘fight of the night’bonus. If we were trying to influence the fight, why would we do that?”

ESPN goes on to say that the Florida athletic commission is now opening an investigation, although how thorough they’re gonna be is questionable since even the investigation announcement was preluded with “We really don’t think there’s a problem here.”

So what’s gonna happen next? Well, let’s see what the NSAC is going to do about all this. Nevada is where the gambling is and where the UFC has a lot of influence – two parties that have a very big stake in what happens here. With EliteXC’s next show happening in Reno, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Nevada step in, if they haven’t already behind the scenes.