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Jens Pulver wonders what’s next

While Jens Pulver sounded pretty definite after his loss to Urijah Faber last night that he’d be back in the cage sooner rather than later, an early morning blog from him sounds less certain:

There is nothing but doubt running through my mind, wondering if I am hanging on to long or am I really just at the point of turning things around. I do feel great when I am getting prepared, just had so many things going against me this time it was tough to get away for a good solid two months to give myself the best chance of winning. I do not know where I am gonna go from here and I do not know if you all just watched the last fight for lil evil. I know this I have battled all they put in front of me and I know I have always tried to do my best out there. I have been open and honest for the most part when talking and answering any question asked. I love this sport and I have loved watching it grow and become bigger and bigger as each month passes. I guess it is time to just go home and figure out where to go next.

A big problem for Jens is that he used to rely on his body to take a hellish amount of punishment that it just can’t take any more. The days of being able to wade in and eat everything your opponent throws at you are over. The guys at 145 hit way too hard now and the second they smell blood they’ll finish you off. If Jens wants to keep rolling in the WEC he’s going to have to re-invent himself. Whether he has the passion left to do that is the big question now.