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Jens Pulver won again, you guys

For the first time since 2006, Jens Pulver now has back-to-back wins on his increasingly less-impressive resume.  Despite breaking his foot in the first round, Pulver pressed on to defeat Wade Choad — sorry, Wade Choate via split decision at Chicago Cagefighting Championship on Saturday night.  And unlike his last opponent, this guy actually had a winning record… barely.  Choate was 13-12 going into this fight, making him the best guy Pulver has beaten since he choked out Cub Swanson back in 2007.

I’m not sure beating up scrubs in the bushleages is the best way to rebuild your skills/career, but whatever pays the bills … good on ya, Lil Evil.

Pics of Pulver’s messed up foot after the jump.

(via MiddleEasy)