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Jens Pulver went back to Miletich’s

(Photographic evidence that Pat Miletich was around when dinosaurs ruled the earth and UFC ring girls were recruited at Hooters)

I don’t know whether or not this statement from Jens Pulver should worry me or not:

“I love Matt Hume, the guys in Seattle, but it’s like Pat (Miletich) said, ‘Stop trying to find that magic remedy. Stop trying to find the magic potions. Go back to your roots.'” And that’s just what he did in preparation for young buck Josh Grispi. “It’s time for me to be home.”

Jens Pulver has the dubious honor of opening the WEC’s broadcast this Sunday against the 12-1 Crispy Josh Grispi. Grispi’s WEC career thus far consists of choking out Mark Hominick and knocking out Micah Miller, both in the first round. In fact, his fights have only left the first round once. In other words, the WEC didn’t give Jens a softball rebound (for some dickish reason, if you ask me).

While you could argue that Matt Hume hasn’t helped Pulver do much other than hit a 0-3 skid in the WEC, it’s worth noting that two of those losses were against Urijah Faber. Going back to Miletich’s camp seems like a step back to me, although who knows. Maybe trying to teach a 33 year old dog new tricks was the problem.