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Jens Pulver needs the paycheck

After getting choked out in 30 seconds by Josh ‘Crispy’ Grispy (a finish ironically close to the one Pulver dealt out to Cub Swanson in his only WEC win), many assumed Jens was done with fighting. You could tell from his reaction that he was shocked at how he’d lost, and he even tried to retire in the cage before the announcer essentially kept him from making any rash decisions.

And it looks like that was a good thing, because even if Jens wanted to retire, he’s not really capable of doing it yet:

“You guys have to understand, I don’t make six figures a year. You see me on TV, that don’t mean squat,” said Pulver, who banked just over $30,000 for his efforts on Sunday. “This is my job. My house is $156,000 living in Iowa. I got a 1999 Rodeo. Right now I gotta fight because that’s my job. This is the field I want to be in.”

Pulver said the fans in California told him not to quit:

“The keyboard warriors, they’ll write me off and say ‘he’s done, he’s done.’ But I just sat there with all the fans of Sacramento and they all pretty much told me ‘you’re not done.'”

This was Jens Pulver’s fourth loss in a row and he’s gone 1-6 since returning to the Zuffa fold. Ya know Dana and the gang love him but we’re still talking about guys who shelved Chuck Liddell because they decided he was done. I don’t expect to see anyone forced to retire in this case but I also can’t see them letting Jens keep going in the WEC if he can’t even keep things competitive any more. He’s got one more fight in the WEC to turn things around … if he’s lucky.