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Jens Pulver ain’t going anywhere

Jens Pulver has come out of the woodwork to apologize for the poor performance against Leonard Garcia and confirm that he’s gonna keep training and improving with his new training team:

Its just gonna take some time to get the new ideas and game plans down, if I could learn it all and have it second nature in five weeks then damn that would be sweet but I assure you I am getting it all dialed in pretty quick and I know the final outcome will be worth it. I never had the ability to have amature fighting and all that, I came into the sport and just started throwing, Its tough cause I have that legend status and theres no real way to lay low and go unnoticed while I try to learn. So I just get out there and keep every fight exciting and hope at the end of the day I will still have a job. This fight hurt to lose cause I feel I let my New coach and team down. My life has always been an up and down roller coaster, but sometimes I want off the ride and just hang at the top once again.

Interesting to hear him talk about how it’s hard to live up to the ghosts of your past. I’m hoping Jens still has the skillz to pay the billz but if his chin plays up like it did in the Garcia fight again….

On a more positive note, I know a bunch of you guys are playing Call of Duty 5 right now. If you wanna play against Lil’ Evil, here’s your chance:

Catch up with me if you play on PC, Call of Duty 5 the server is called toastsuckerpunch ent. the IP I am tagged Rumina in game. Be good all.