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Jenna Jameson’s dusty womb contains life!

This has been rumored for a while but I’ve held back until the news was confirmed. From the mouth of the mommy herself comes the following news: Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson are gonna have a baby. Well … that’s the general plan. You’d be amazed at how many pregnancies miscarry, and I’d say weighing less than 100 pounds probably isn’t a positive step towards a healthy pregnancy. If news came out tomorrow that her stomach enveloped the womb and ate their baby in search of sustenance, it wouldn’t surprise me. On the other hand, do you think all that mega-cock stretching shit out in there will mean a more comfortable ride?

Unlike most other people, I don’t harbor mega-hate towards Tito and Jenna. So I wish them the best, and I hope the baby comes out healthy and female so I can blog about what a hot/crazy/stupid bitch she is 17 years from now.