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Jenna Jameson pens an essay on Dana White

I don’t know what’s more fun to read, Jenna Jameson’s Grade-8 level response to Dana White’s trashtalking or the comments from her myspace fans. Jenna’s letter is rife with grammatical errors, incorrect punctuation, and a whole bunch of big words that I’m sure sounded great in the thesaurus when she picked ’em. Here’s an excerpt from it:

Dana White’s insistance of my lack of brain power smacks of 18th century
beliefs that women (all women) are inferior to the male species.
Ignoring a persons achievements or simply their IQ due to the fact they
have a vagina instead of a penis, explains Danas simplicity. He has a a
track record in every conversation, if he needs to describe someone who
he feels threatened by, or weakened by… he lashes out in the manner of
a 12 year old, by accusing the other of unintelligence. I for one, would
enjoy seeing data that backs up his hasty words. In my experience anyone
that reverts to this type of defense is simply insecure about
themselves, and tend to try to shift the glaring light of truth away
from his profane grammatically incorrect rantings.

Sorry if that looks like shit, but that’s how it was written. Now I’m not a big Jenna hater like many people out there … the girl carved an empire out of sucking dicks, which is pretty impressive considering the fact that anyone can suck a dick. But trying to match Dana White head to head in a smack-battle is a bad idea, and Jenna doesn’t even manage to do much other than call him a big meany pants.

Perhaps if she compiled a big list of all the things Dana White has fucked up in the past year (botching the Pride deal on every level, losing Randy Couture, allowing competitors on network TV, on and on and on, oh and driving away one of the biggest UFC stars ever in Tito Ortiz), that might have done something. Jenna baby, next time you wanna talk some shit, come see us. We’ll help you out.

  • garth says:

    dude…you know what’s even funnier than any of that? Jenna Jameson is trying to TAKE THE HIGH ROAD.

    this jenna:

  • Chris says:

    Cringe Worthy.

  • Xavier says:

    “I for one, would enjoy seeing data that backs up his hasty words.”

    Unfortunately for the diseased slut, there have been no University or governmental studies into her stupidity and therefore there is no hard data on just how stupid Jenna Jameson is.

    He calls her dumb and she expects “data” to back up his words. Yeah, that’s dumb bitch-logic for you.

  • dignan says:

    or if she’s looking for another dick to suck. Come see me.

    The fact is shes waaay richer than Dana. Playboy bought her website for like 250 million or some shit.

  • Jim says:

    Man, I laughed, but I also found it sad because it’s so evident that she tried really hard. It reads like something from Flowers for Algernon. Or something written by the Attorney General from Idiocracy.

    Her heart’s in the right place. It’s too bad no one told her that if you want to sound “smart,” it’s better to use the words you know.

  • dulljake says:

    the best revenge is a well lived life Jenna…and all holes filled with hard cock…

  • RoB says:

    i figured it was a “dulljake” rant on dana white.

  • airipsus says:

    sorry I couldn’t read the whole thing.once she started talking about “vagina” my brain kinda shut off.she should have said pussy.I hate when cunts talk about there vagina, they should just call it cunt or snatch.stupid bitch made her fortune off of sucking cock not winning the Nobel prize.this is why we will never have a woman president because worthless whores are only good at 1 thing sucking cock and taking it up the ass.I wonder if she lets Tito go ATM on her?judging by her facial expression I say yes.

  • MadMan says:

    RE: [… the girl carved an empire out of sucking dicks, which is pretty impressive considering the fact that anyone can suck a dick.]

    I never quite thought of it that way…props to Jenna :)

  • operator says:

    I bet Tito helped her write that one. He’s got a big head but I think it’s mostly skull. Uuuuuuhhhhhh whats ATM.

  • godzillad says:

    ”anyone can suck a dick”

    Oh, if you only knew…

  • dulljake says:

    RoB, where’s the love?

  • i think jake rites like an angle

  • kentyman says:

    “…pretty impressive considering the fact that anyone can suck a dick.”

    The female species [sic] is better at it.

    Er, so I hear.