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Jeff Monson’s legal woes lighten

It’s a good week for fighters in the legal world. First Kimo gets downgraded from speed freak to pot head and now Jeff Monson gets downgraded from woman abuser to stuff breaker. Back in January, a relationship meltdown between Monson and a crazy chick resulted in an arrest for domestic violence. But now Monson’s charges are being dropped, while his ex-girlfriend’s charges have gotten more serious:

The court ruled the charges had been misclassified as a domestic case under state law and Monson had been improperly held at the time of his arrest, according to Davie and Davidson County District Attorney Garry Frank. Monson spent five days in the Davies County Detention Center.

Monson was arrested on Jan. 19 at the residence of Stephanie Trapani, 30, for “assault to a female” and “damage to real property or personal property” following an alleged domestic dispute. At the time, officers described Trapani and Monson as having a “dating relationship.”

Monson, 37, has been married for 16 years and has two children in Olympia, Wash., where he resides.

Trapani was also arrested for injury to personal property when she allegedly tossed Monson’s cell phone out of her car after finding out he was involved in romantic relationships with other women. That charge was also dropped on May 7, although Trapani still faces a felony charge of identity theft, according to the Davie County Clerk’s Office. Monson told that Trapani used his bank card and security code to empty out his account without his knowledge.

You know the story: when you’re married the woman thinks she should get all the money. The only problem? The chick who cleaned out his accounts wasn’t the woman he married – it was the chick he kept around on the side.