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Jeff Monson vs Josh Barnett @ Sengoku

After a lot of old PRIDE superstars have spent the past year either being obliterated in the UFC (thus lowering their stock) or fighting cans in Japan (thus lowering their stock). So it’s nice to see that Josh Barnett will be fighting a real opponent in Jeff Monson on May 18th. Sure, it’s not a universe exploding fight, but it’s an interesting matchup since both guys are tough and scrappy.

One small issue though: they’re also pretty good friends. Josh addressed it in a recent interview and said it isn’t a problem, but I’m always a bit wary when it’s two guys who like and have trained together. I just get the feeling that neither guy is going to be trying to cave the other guy’s skull in, which kinda takes away from the fun of watching them fight. And Barnett is a respectable guy … when he fought Yoshida he apologized after suplexing the dude and kept on pausing between punches near the end to give Yoshida a chance to tap. It just wasn’t exciting like when he fought Aleks or CroCop. In those fights, it was no quarter given, and none taken.

  • Mapultoid says:

    Except Barnett was friends with Cro Cop, too. Watch the handshake before that fight. They still threw down.

  • garth says:

    barnett’s pretty badass…isn’t monson going to run into the same issues he did against sylvia, ie, he has t-rex arms and barnetts about 700 feet tall?

  • Yeah but not friends like monson and barnett are … I’m sure Barnett and crocop respect and like eachother, but monson and barnett trained together and cornered eachother etc etc etc.

  • FRANKIE says:

    I think Barnett also knows this is a tougher fight than the one against Yoshida and will therefore be significantly more aggressive. They may be friends, but they both still want to win. That being said, Barnett should be able to take this fight fairly easily.

  • pillow says:

    Barnett by Monson’s torn pectorals minor

  • hells yeah I’ve been waiting for Barnett to fight someone worth watching.

  • Beer_tester says:

    Can’t see Josh absorbing much punishment from Monson at all.

  • RL Dookiefuck says:

    Barnett > prowrasslin > “fighting” a friend > lol Japan > totally a work